Take a Moment

S2 Ep. 10 Technology + empathy = success: Rose-Hulman inspires tomorrow’s geniuses

February 19, 2020

Since the late 19th century, the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology has been a leading educator in the fields of math and science. Its graduates have gone on to become renowned scientists, engineers, judges, congressmen, CEOs — and even a professional baseball player. Rose-Hulman continues to develop the brightest minds of the future by tackling one of the largest problems facing teens: math homework.

Lindsay Hull, Associate Director of Operations and Education at Rose-Hulman, runs the hotline “Ask Rose Homework Help,” which provides math and science tutoring to students and their parents around the country. In this episode of the “Take a Moment” podcast, Lindsay shares her experiences as an educator and provides insights into the equation: technology + empathy = success.