Take a Moment

S2 Ep.15 Intentional Humanity: The common thread for design, culture, and leadership

April 29, 2020

Steven Chaparro has been fascinated by structure and design since he was a child. At the age of five, he used a Bugs Bunny art kit to sketch a neighbor’s house. In middle school, he chose to draw Thomas Jefferson’s palatial home, Monticello, for a project on historical figures. Steve knew he wanted a career in architecture and — set out to get it. And after years as a successful architect, Steve has become a different kind of designer altogether.

Today, he helps businesses design and transform their cultures. Take a moment with hosts Nathan Bennett and Mari Yamaguchi as they discuss Steve’s views on creating and maintaining a company culture that goes beyond ping-pong tables and open-concept office plans. Steve also shares his insights on brand storytelling, spatial diversity and how intentional humanity is crucial in maintaining culture — especially during times of uncertainty.