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S3 Ep.2 Enable Better Service: Aarde Cosseboom’s CX mission

September 2, 2020

Aarde Cosseboom knows a thing or two about creating amazing customer experiences. In fact, he wrote the book on it. Drawing from over 15 years of expertise in the contact center space, Aarde penned “Enable Better Service.” The book is a detailed and engaging guide to transforming the way businesses build relationships with their customers — and how they can turn call centers into finely tuned revenue-generating machines.

Today, Aarde is the Senior Director of Global Member Services Technology, Analytics and Product, for the famed eCommerce fashion company TechStyle. In this episode, Aarde breaks down some of the key concepts from his book and shares how TechStyle transitioned thousands of its employees around the globe to work from home in just 24 hours — all while maintaining the service levels its members have come to expect.